Session ID: 101850

Abstract: With a small Payroll team, FOX takes care of 5,000 employees, and 15,000 more freelance employees. The legacy ESS solution could not keep up with the demand for change requests, and was not a cost-effective, nor viable solution for the Freelance employees. In 2014, FOX went live with K-Rise's ESS solution for Freelancers first, and then employees, built on a zero-code platform. Since then, this solution has helped FOX handle a 20% growth in employees. Instead of processing routine requests for address changes and banking information updates, the payroll team can focus more on strategic initiatives.FOX employees now have access to time entry, pay stubs, and can request leave though a self-service portal. Freelancers can access pay stubs and perform a variety of tasks from any location on any device, PC or mobile. Managers can receive alerts when employees submit requests requiring approval. Information entered into the ESS automatically updates JD Edwards.

Objective 1: The importance of selecting a flexible ESS Portal built on a zero-code platform so it can be easily updated and customized at a fraction of the time and cost for hard-coded solutions.

Objective 2: FOX tells the story of their journey since Go-live and shares their success.

Objective 3: FOX shares project lessons learned in implementing ESS Portals.

Audience: Technical/Functional