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Do you know what your users see when they run your application? How is your complex infrastruture performing? Are there hidden errors int the VMs, database or app servers? Application today are complex machines, with multiple tiers of application and database servers. Users are also more savey, expecting error free fast performance. Picking the best area to improve the performance of your application can be nearly impossible without the right tool. Solving a performance problem in production is even harder. This HOL walks you through how to deploy and leverage Oracle Application Performance Monitoring  to dig deep into the entire technology stack from application to operating system. From the user's browser experiance to the error logs on all the systems that support the application. Whether it runs on Oracle WebLogic, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Database,Tomcat, JBoss, Node.js, .NET, or WebSphere. In Oracle's cloud, Amazon's cloud or in your datacenter. Move beyond simple triage to true diagnostics by seeing your application logs in context to the application workload. Join this session to learn more.

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Audience: Mid-Level