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Virtualization is already so 5-minutes ago. The cloud IT era is upon us. With more and more new, emerging and established software components and infrastructure pieces coming into the picture, how do you deal with those changes in Enterprise Manager? How do you prepare your current Enterprise Manager setup to continue providing the monitoring and administration support?Find out how to make Find out how to structure the Enterprise Manager setup and organize the discovered targets to deal with the changing demands in the new IT landscape. Get the tips and tricks, and find out where the pitfalls are to get ready for the brave new IT world...


Objective 1: Difference in monitoring and administration between 'traditional IT' (physical, on-premise) and 'Cloud IT' (cloud, virtualization)

Objective 2: Transition from system-based monitoring to service-based monitoring, leveraging KPI's and SLA's to provide more pro-active management

Objective 3: How to monitor at 'cloud-scale': How to scale the EM infrastructure to grow the environment from hundred to millions of targets

Audience: Mid-Level