Session ID: 114580

Abstract: Many JD Edwards customers own the Capital Asset Management (CAM) module as part of their JD Edwards license, however implementation of CAM is usually deferred to later phases of the JDE configuration due to legacy CMMS systems, focus on Production rollouts, resource limitations, etc.Asset Management Solutions SEAMLess (Standardized EAM for Less) methodology is a Rapid-Start implementation methodology that allows clients to implement JDE CAM module in a matter of weeks with hands-on Unit Testing frequently occurring within the first month of the project. The SEAMLess configuration includes all program versions pre-configured to optimally work together, E1 Pages, Test Scripts, Security Role Definition and more.

Objective 1: Discuss the SEAMLess Accelerate Model for CAM Implementations and how it has helped various clients implement CAM in Weeks not Months.

Objective 2: Discuss how the SEAMLess implementation model accelerates your our ability to Pilot the software, identify where your business processes needed to better align with Best Practices, and expose data gaps in your asset and inventory systems.

Objective 3: Demonstrate Oracle Validated WO and PM screens designed the bridge the functionality gaps with your existing CMMS (Maximo, MP2, etc.) and give a path onto JDE CAM.

Audience: Technical/Functional