Session ID: 114600

Abstract: Everyone has one kind of system or another in place for creating, outputting and delivering their financial documents. But more often than not, the systems are disparate, don't 'talk' to each other, require a lot of IT resources and ongoing maintenance, and documents sent often get lost in a void. What if, instead, you could have one or all of the process provided as a managed service - from customized document creation, to printing, delivery, and real-time tracking & tracing, to a collaborative online portal for storage and retrieval with secure access for your users, customers and suppliers. All in a way that reduces your dependence on custom workarounds, has no infrastructure, upgrades or testing to maintain, and actually improves your cash flow and your relationships with your vendors/suppliers. Learn more about this 'easy button' and see it in action for yourself during this informative session.

Objective 1: Illustrate how current financial document management methodologies are falling short of advancing business needs

Objective 2: Quantify the connection between more efficient processes and lower costs, accelerated order-to-cash-processes, and reduced DSO

Objective 3: Demonstrate via a test drive what an efficient, 'easy button' solution looks like and how it works

Audience: Technical/Functional