Session ID: 114530

Abstract: Oracle's ACS division (Advanced Customer Support) has been providing top-tier customer support for over 20 years, and now you can tap into their expertise to tailor Oracle support for your Cloud deployment. ACS increases the responsiveness to your open SR's (Service Requests), provides technical configuration assistance for your Admins and Super Users, and can provide live support 24/7 to every SaaS end-user. ACS services can include a dedicated 800 line, chat, screen sharing, a dedicated TAM (Technical Account Manager), and a personalized knowledge base that is launched directly from software screens to support your Oracle environment. Learn how ACS will positively impact your Oracle Cloud deployment with an increased level of support that's tailored to fit your needs.

Objective 1: Tailored Cloud support for your admins and super users.

Objective 2: Personalized Cloud support for your end-users.

Objective 3: SR Prioritization through Oracle's Advanced Customer Support team.

Audience: Technical/Functional