Session ID: 114340

Abstract: Most of the existing customers of JDEdwards have invested heavily to build a robust system. Various upgrades , customizations and process optimizations have been performed to bring system to the existing level. This session would outline the simple ways to unleash the power of existing system and data of JDEdwards. Use cases will demonstrate that these proposed way are just not simple but also very economical. Case studies would cover how customers could enable their JDE instance and get benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) , Mobility & Automation.L&T Infotech has worked upon several turnkey ERP implementations with clients involving big bang, multi-country roll-outs, complete transformation projects etc. This has helped us to establish as an formidable player in digital space with strong use cases and excellent record for delivery of proof of concepts in digital space.

Objective 1: Digital Transformation is 'Must' for each one of us today . Most of the JDE customers are at the advent of the journey. These simple ways are 'High Impact Low Cost' options to modernize JDE not just by features but also experience.

Objective 2: In the diverse digital ecosystem, we possess special proficiency in the field of IoT, Mobility and automation as these are the areas in which we have maximum use cases and successful pilots for our clients.

Objective 3: We would like to harness our prowess to get the best of two worlds for our clients- ensuring the clients unlock to value of their existing ERP

Audience: Functional