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When considering high availability the key focus is aimed at maintaining the database and its associated systems. Oracle offers customers a comprehensive set of database high availability capabilities that seamlessly work together to help reduce both planned and unplanned downtime. In addition, Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) provides customers with a best practices blueprint that can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of database high availability deployments.

The concept of Continuous Availability builds on the successful database high availability model. With Continuous Availability, the aim is to remove downtime from the users perspective by hiding maintenance activity from end-users and propagating errors to applications only if they are unrecoverable. Any in-flight, uncommitted work, active when a failure occurs is preserved; transparent re-submission of work occurs after the failure and before control is handed back to the application. Response times are predictable allowing for the setting and meeting of SLAs.

This technical workshop will discuss appropriate products, configurations and operational practices that will allow you to achieve continuous availability. The workshop will consist of a series of presentations and a set of live demonstrations.


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