Session ID: 10583

Abstract: Mature project organizations use Structured Projects with definite Phases of execution and Phase Gates that must be cleared in order to move the project from one phase to the next. Some firms use Microsoft Excel to manage phases but this results in decentralized and inaccessible information. Using Lifecycles, Deliverables, Financial Plans and Workflow, you can easily automate these functions in Oracle Project Management. This solution enables a single source of truth and drives compliance with PMO guidelines.

Objective 1: Describe Project Phases and Phase Gates and their function in Structured Project Management

Objective 2: Discuss different options for managing this process today along with Pros/Cons of each

Objective 3: Describe the solution being proposed using Oracle EBS Project Management

Objective 4: Show how each aspect of the solution enables the complete function for Phases and Phase Gates

Objective 5: Discuss advantages to the solution and potential issues/workarounds

Audience: Project Manager