Session ID: 114000

Abstract: When development for single-purpose applications takes months, and implementation or redesign projects over a year, by the time your site hits the market, it will already be dragging behind customer expectations. A Zero-Code Cloud development platform disrupts the way enterprise software applications are delivered, forever. IT projects go from months to days, drastically reducing cost, time to market, and time to ROI. Zero-Code enables citizen development. Business leaders can deliver mission-critical, customized software apps 10x faster with little to no IT help. IT leaders can rid themselves of software platforms that require vendor lock and specialized skills for delivery, maintenance, and upgrades.

Objective 1: Deliver mission-critical applications to market 10x faster to win, serve, and retain customers whose demands evolve very quickly in a digitally enabled world

Objective 2: Reduce IT spend by 60% to 70% for the same project on hard-coded, vendor-locked platforms

Objective 3: Lower project risk - uncover true requirements and real value quickly. Build prototypes in hours to test with your customers, validate requirements, and ensure widespread customer adoption

Audience: Technical/Functional