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Is your WebCenter Portal-based employee intranet, customer, or partner portal underperforming? Does the home page take too long to load, or does page-to-page navigation cause a severe lag in page assets being displayed? If your organization has deployed Oracle WebCenter Portal and you feel that it is underperforming, this is the session for you. Oracle WebCenter Portal provides a robust platform for enterprise portal deployments; however, deploying a portal that provides a rich user experience, is mobile enabled, and ultimately keeps users coming back has been much more challenging. A primary reason for poor performing portals are the Oracle ADF taskflows used to display content. This is due to their heavy Javascript libraries and how assets are rendered on the server and then have to be served to the client or user. Come to this session and hear how you can enhance your ADF taskflows and  provide the best possible UX and flexible UI for portal users. Come hear from Oracle WebCenter customer - The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) – on their success with portal optimization. Come hear how NAS, and their partner Fishbowl Solutions, have optimized portal performance and built a rich, mobile-ready portal through a combination of overhauling the ADF UI with Oracle JET,  compression techniques for assets and groovy scripts, using Redis for optimal caching, and methods to only display assets on visible parts of the screen.

Objective 1: How to redesign your corporate intranet by enhancing it with best-practice web design techniques such as Oracle JET

Objective 2: How to leverage single page applications with Oracle ADF

Objective 3: How to use caching, compression, and loading techniques to scale your portal for thousands of users

Audience: Mid-Level