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Abstract: Join this vendor awareness session to hear and learn about how to S2IT Group can help your organization follow the best practices for quality assurance and production support, before your organization plans and moves onto cloud.

Cloud and IoT is the buzz words, BUT if your organization has a fairly good footprint of any Enterprise application - “Caution”: Cloud migration won’t be easy as it sounds, neither the core functionality of Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and other mission critical functionalities can be migrated onto Cloud easily.
First and foremost, what your organization needs is to ensure that the core business functionality is supported for a decent period of time, before your organization decide what all functionalities can be migrated to cloud. 
S2IT Group can help your organizations maintain an On-Site/Onshore support team at a very affordable bill rate that will help them through the transition phase of 12.2.X and Cloud.
Another recipe for project failures during Upgrades, Patch Application, New Implementation or even Cloud migration is NOT selecting the right partner for the Quality Assurance or not spending enough time testing the intended functionality or not having the right domain experts for testing. 
S2IT Group helps companies with ensuring that the standard processes work perfect along with client specific customizations and integrations. Our Certified and experienced QA professionals know the entire process flow based on Industry and are not just an expert on a ERP Module. We firmly believe that to be an Enterprise Application QA you need to know the entire business process to certify a functionality.
We at S2 IT Group have helped many of our clients have successful project cutovers in the last 7 years, along with partnering with them for an Onsite support model. 

Objective 1: Bring S2IT Group expertise for ERP QA, User Training and support to existing Oracle customer automating some of the critical business processes

Objective 2: Work within the critical area of ERP QA, Training and Production Support within client budget using an onshore/onsite model

Objective 3: Avoid the implementation failure,by getting your users trained by S2IT Group

Objective 4: Utilize the free services of S2IT Group for assessment studies for Upgrade, Enhancement and Cloud strategy

Audience: -All-