Session ID: 10559

Abstract: Recent releases of the E-Business Suite have more than 3000 public APIs available which can be used to greatly streamline operations, integrate with other applications, and load or maintain data, yet there is much ambiguity about what’s available and how to best leverage them. This presentation will help you understand what’s available, the best sources for documentation and examples, standards common across public APIs, peculiarities in specific modules, and advanced topics like API performance tuning and extensions.

Objective 1: Attendees will learn best practices for working with E-Business Suite APIs

Objective 2: Learn how to use the Oracle Integration Repository and other sources for finding, and understanding how to use, APIs

Objective 3: Learn the key APIs in each E-Business Suite module along with important but less well known APIs

Objective 4: Learn about E-Business Suite API standards and learn tips for working with non-standard APIs

Objective 5: Introduction to advanced topics such as API performance tuning, Master Data Management, private APIs, and more!

Audience: Application Administrator