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One important thing the cloud (r)evolution has already brought is the switch from thinking in classic physical terms, to more (cloud) service based thinking.But just how do you model a (cloud) service in Enterprise Manager? And how can you get the right level of detail information (dashboards) from those without over-alerting or over-monitoring the various components?

Using Enterprise Manager itself as an example, get the blow-by-blow on how to model and architect the service, be more pro-active by defining the relevant KPI's and SLA's, and how to use those to be able to quickly drill-down to the problem area without having to deal with hundreds of alerts and notifications.

And finally, gather all this information together in both operational and business dashboards.



Objective 1: Application modeling in EM using systems and services

Objective 2: Defining the relevant KPI's and SLA's for more pro-active monitoring and alerting

Objective 3: Aggregate the information in operational and business dahsboards

Audience: Mid-Level