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Are you interested in using Oracle RAC in "a cloud"? Do you want to operate your Oracle RAC stack in a virtualized environment, but you are unsure about support and certification? If the answer to either question is "yes", you have found the right session. Based on a brief review of general support and certification guidelines for Oracle RAC on bare metal, in virtualized environments and in the cloud, this presentation explains the current status and requirements for each deployment model. It touches on typical questions regarding the use of Infiniband and RDS for Oracle RAC for example as well as certified and supported virtualization solutions. Last but not least, it goes over the currently supported cloud environments and explains the two Oracle RAC flavors available in the Oracle Cloud and how they distinguish themselves from other solutions that one can choose from.

Objective 1: Explain how the Oracle Database is generally certified in various environments taking into account storage, OS, virtualization technologies and - in case of - Oracle RAC, additional components that may need special consideration.

Objective 2: Identify the documents, rules and regulations that govern certification and learn how to apply those rules to a given scenario either based on a bare metal deployment or in a virtual environment, which includes most of the cloud offerings on the market to

Objective 3: Recognize exceptions or cases that may need special assessment and understand the procedure that one can use to get a more definite answer from Oracle regarding the certification of such outliers.

Audience: Introductory