Session ID: 302


Diagnosing and resolving Oracle RAC database problems has required extensive knowledge not only of database internals but networking, storage and O/S interactions. Frequently, these issues needed to be escalated to Oracle Support Services delaying their resolution. New in Oracle Database 12c / Rel. 2 is the Cluster Health Advisor that continuously analyses database ASH/AWR data and network, storage and O/S metrics to provide early warning and targeted resolution to over a hundred database issues. This session will explain its adaptive learning and prognostics design and use of this new feature including calibration to your workloads.  It will conclude with demonstrations of its use with actual issues using the new CHACTL utility and standalone GUI tool as well as integration with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c.  

Objective 1: Learner will be able to understand how Cluster Health Advisor works within their Oracle RAC Database deployment.

Objective 2: Learner will be able to make use of Cluster Health Advisor to identity performance and availability issues early and to diagnose issues quickly.

Audience: In-Depth