Session ID: 593


This tutorial explains how to use modern development techniques and frameworks to build applications that take full advantage of JSON. It introduces Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) a family of API's that makes it easy for developers to use Oracle Database 12c as their JSON document store. It will show how SODA delivers the No-SQL application development experience, allowing developers to develop, deploy and maintain their applications without learning SQL or needing support from Oracle DBAs.

The tutorial demonstrates storage and retrieval of JSON documents as well as simple searches, full-text searches and locality searches using a simple application for purchasing movie tickets. It shows how SODA makes it easy combine the power and flexibility of HTML, JavaScript and JSON with the security, scalability, reliability and availability of the Oracle Database.

The tutorial presents two REST based front ends, one using HTML5, JavaScript combined with JQuery, Bootstrap and Angular.js. The other using HTML5, JavaScript and OracleJET.

It also presents two middle tier architectures, one using Node.js that combines JavaScript with popular node.js modules, such as express.js and request.js and uses SODA for REST to communicate with the document store. The second is written in Java and uses SODA for JAVA to communicate with the document store. 

Finally we will see how choosing Oracle 12c ensures we have access to full power of SQL when performing query and analytics on our JSON documents. The tutorial introduces exciting new JSON related features were delivered as part of Oracle Database 12c Release 2.



Objective 1: Learn how to develop applications that leverage JSON, JavaScript, Node and REST but still use Oracle Database 12c to manage the application Data.

Objective 2: Learn how Simple Oracle Document Access API makes it easy to use No-SQL style development techniques against an Oracle Database

Objective 3: Learn how to use SQL to work with JSON documents stored in an Oracle Database

Audience: Mid-Level