Session ID: 113760

Abstract: AstroNova is a global leader in developing and applying data visualization technologies in products serving industrial, packaging, aerospace, and defense markets. AstroNova has dealt with urgency projects - example, completing a JDE World to E1 upgrade in record time. With E-Commerce top company Executives mandated created a new JDE centric 24x7 B2B E-Commerce Storefront with Card Payments functionality within weeks, not months. With over 20,000 items they required a solution based on an intelligent faceted search engine (server) integrated with JDE SRP cat codes to automate creation of a robust dynamic guided navigation catalog along with search box (auto-predict, spellcheck, etc.) intelligence. It took ONLY 3 WEEKS from the point of creating the DV/PY/PD Servers to create a fully functional E-Commerce / Inquiry Portal with full JDE integration and card Payment Gateway functionality for final testing. Learn about the details of this strategic project.

Objective 1: Demonstrate JDE Integration: Advanced Pricing, Tax (Vertex), Availability, Tracking and Sales/Invoice/Payments/Statement/AR tables

Objective 2: Detailed Review of the Project Implementation

Objective 3: Full Website Demonstration

Audience: Technical/Functional