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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c provides powerful tools for building Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) private clouds.  However, in order to provide effective private cloud services, Enterprise Manager 13c requires access by users other than administrators. Through the use of web-based, self-service portals, users are now able to build and utilize virtual machines, databases and middleware deployments within the confines of role-based policies. Oracle's Directory Suite 11g provides a solid solution for securing an Oracle private cloud. This presentation covers the cloud management infrastructure in Enterprise Manager 13c and how Oracle Directory Suite can be effectively leveraged to keep it secure.

Objective 1: Learn about IaaS and PaaS private clouds in Enterprise Manager 13c.

Objective 2: Learn about securing an Oracle private cloud by managing users and roles with Oracle Directory Suite 11g.

Objective 3: Learn about leveraging users and roles in an existing LDAP directory infrastructure, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Audience: Introductory