Session ID: 201


The concept of virtualization, snapshots and similar technology is mind boggling, to say the least.  This session will take you through basic to complex concepts that encompass today's virtualization products.  Learn the difference between the newest buzzwords like:

  • File System and Consistency snapshots
  • Copy Data Management
  • Test Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Self-Service Interfaces

Once you learn all about the difference between a snapshot and a snap clone, then Kellyn will offer a Q&A session to answer questions about the technology from different vendors offer and how their features stack up.  Knowing what each does is half the battle in understanding this important technology for the future of database administrators, developers and storage administrators everywhere!


Objective 1: Learn what virtualization is.

Objective 2: Understand the difference between snapshot technology and copy data management.

Objective 3: Understand secondary features like self service UI and disaster recovery through native backup technology.

Audience: Mid-Level