Session ID: 149


Virtualization is a powerful capability-  it doesn't matter who's virtualization product you use, but you should be taking advantage of the benefits.  One of these is simplifying demands, removing impacts and outages that arise during monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance windows for patches and upgrades.

This activity is estimated to consume over 60% of many production DBAs resource allocation and remove working environments from developers, testers and rendering development projects inactive.  

Kellyn will take you through the very cool ways to use virtualization to:

Properly patch and test a quarterly PSU patch with virtualization-

  • You'll learn about how you can remove over 75% of maintenance windows and downtime.
  • How to remove one-off bugs and issues that arise when physical databases are involved vs. virtualized environments
  • How to test a PSU in a Virtual database, (VDB) without having to "sacrifice" and existing database, while saving 90% or more storage.

How to test and UPGRADE a database environment-

  • This part of the session will show you how to virtualize both the binaries and the database, allowing to test both during the upgrade.
  • How little storage space is consumed, yet full testing can be completed using this method.
  • How to then implement the full upgrade to the entire stack, minimizing downtime, maintenance windows and impacts.


Objective 1: Properly Test and Patch with virtualization

Objective 2: How to Test and Upgrade via virtualization

Audience: In-Depth