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Everyone is talking about Cloud Computing, but there seems to be wildly differing perspectives on what it means, how it works, and the costs and benefits of such a model. When it comes to databases and other business critical applications in the cloud, the message is even more confusing. In this session, we will discuss what House of Brick is seeing and hearing from large enterprises to small businesses. The session will present the "right questions" to ask about Tier 1 applications and cloud – from private to public and other key SaaS/DBaaS considerations.

Objective 1: Learn what serious questions DBAs and Sys Admins should be asking about Oracle & cloud.

Objective 2: Discover the answers to tough cloud questions, including best practices for a variety of cloud providers, including Oracle.

Objective 3: Hear the truth about the types of workloads that are actually being deployed in a cloud model today (and which ones aren't).

Audience: Introductory