Session ID: 199


Are your skilled DBAs spending time installing software and applying patches instead of growing your business? Come to this session to learn how PayPal moved from manual execution of homegrown scripts for Oracle Real Application Clusters installs and patching to leveraging the power of Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack. Oracle Real Application Clusters provisioning moved from days to an hour per node, with improved build consistency and quality. Security and reliability patching scaled to deliver patches across the enterprise faster and more consistently than ever before. The session includes best practices for implementing provisioning and discusses PayPal's experience with patching plans and the new fleet maintenance feature in Oracle Enterprise Manager and 13c.

Objective 1: 1)Learn about different aspects of patching a RAC database
2)Adapt basic patching methodology to design a strategy to patch 100's of databases in a short period of time, saving time and human resource utilization

Objective 2: 1)Learn about Oracle Fleet Management (Lifecycle pack) and how it uses a gold image (software end state) to standardize and stabilize an oragnization's oracle db footprint.

Audience: Mid-Level