Session ID: 441


Learn how you can setup Data Guard in easy 1-2-3 steps.  Attendees will learn what is new in Oracle Data Guard 12.2.  In addition to demonstrating how simple it is to setup Data Guard, this session will disseminate fundamental Data Guard best practices and reference architectures that DBAs need to know to protect their Oracle ecosystem.  The author of the Oracle Data Guard Handbook will demonstrate how DBAs should setup, configure, and monitor mission critical Data Guard environments (including Active Data Guard).

Come see Data Guard best practices in action. The session concentrates on:
o Building the Physical Standby
o Monitoring and Maintaining the Physical Standby
o Configuring Data Guard Broker
o Performing Backup and Recovery with RMAN
o Setting Archive Retention
o Performing Switchovers and Failovers
o Integrating Data Guard with OEM 13c

Objective 1: Learn the latest best practices for Oracle Data Guard. Learn how to setup Data Guard in easy 1-2-3 steps.

Objective 2: Learn the latest Oracle Data Guard 12c Release 2 new features.

Objective 3: Learn how to setup the Data Guard Broker.

Audience: Mid-Level