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RMAN as most know it, is one of the most important utilities in a DBAs arsenal. In earlier releases it is fair to say that occasionally it did create havoc and some DBA's were afraid to use it. Is it too complex? "Backup database" - does not look to complex does it?  This session will start with a little history of RMAN including a number of key areas every DBA should know from where the presentation will then fast track to RMAN in Oracle 12c Multitenant where we will review key features that every DBA should know.  Backups in a 12c Multitenant database environment does not have to be complex.  

In this session we will take a detail look at key aspecs of Oracle Database 12c  backup and recovery with specific focus on RMAN when the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant options is used. 


Objective 1: Gain an understanding of why RMAN is one of the most important utilities in the arsenal of the DBA

Objective 2: A more in depth look into RMAN and the Oracle 12c Multitenant option. From getting started to a more in depth look at some of the advance options available.

Objective 3: Describe the basic backup and recovery concepts every DBA should know. No one wants to loose data in the day and age we live it.

Audience: In-Depth