Session ID: 488


Attendees are introduced to new and improved features of Oracle 12c directly impacting application development. Special emphasis is given to features that reduce development time, make development simpler, improve performance, or speed deployment. Specific topics include: IDENTITY columns, improved SEQUENCEs, INVISIBLE columns, improved defaults, JSON enablement, APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT function, security enhancements, PL/SQL interoperability improvements, outer-join improvements, other SQL improvements, and Edition Based Redefinition (EBR) improvements. An overview of Oracle 12c Multitenant Features ("Pluggable" databases; CDB &PDB) and In-memory Database are included too.


Objective 1: Learn about new SQL features of Oracle 12c.

Objective 2: Become familiar with new Oracle 12c syntax.

Objective 3: Use new features of Oracle 12c

Audience: Mid-Level