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Every DBA should know how to back up and recover a database - their job may depend on it one day.  In order to make backup and recovery easier, Oracle gives DBAs RMAN.  In Oracle 12c, RMAN includes many new features to make backup and recovery simpler and more robust.  This session will cover 5 of the top new features introduced in RMAN for Oracle 12c, coming from more than four years of experience with the product.  Discussion of each new feature will explain how it can be used by normal DBAs in their everyday work life - not just abstract discussions on features that will never actually be used in the real world.  


Objective 1: Learn what is new in Oracle 12c for backup and recovery

Objective 2: See real world examples of how these features can benefit DBAs

Objective 3: Learn good practices to follow when backing up Oracle databases

Audience: Introductory