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Federated Mutual Insurance Company ("Federated") is a direct writer of property and casualty insurance products headquartered in Owatonna, Minnesota. The Company has approximately 2,400 employees and operates in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Federated has been using Oracle WebCenter for many years, storing and managing many different types of high-value content in the system. This included the information that was being surfaced to their employee intranet, which was built on a legacy web content management solution from Oracle. Because of this, the ability for Federated to make incremental improvements to the intranet was becoming more and more difficult, and the site itself was turning into a link farm. Combining this with a poor search system on the site, employees were having difficulty finding company and role-specific information. These problems all were leading to an intranet that was seeing less and less traffic and therefore an overall decrease in value. Come to this session to hear how Federated Insurance modernized its employee intranet with WebCenter Portal 12c. Hear them detail how a more modern portal has enabled them to better inform and engage their employees, and how new navigation and Google-like search features have helped make the intranet sticky. Come hear them discuss how they, with the help of their WebCenter partner Fishbowl Solutions, leveraged a framework approach to build a mobile-ready intranet that helps ensure their most important asset – their employees – have the requisite information to best service the insurance needs of the company's customers.

Objective 1: How WebCenter Portal and Content can be used to surface personalized content to a portal, manage that content, and ensure that content accessed from any device.

Objective 2: How next generation, best practice portal design concepts and technologies can provide a high-end and rich user experience to end users.

Audience: Mid-Level