Session ID: 10515

Abstract: Contact OAUG registration to register for this pre-conference workshop. The wait is over and R12.2 is ready! Attend this workshop for an intensive review of how to upgrade to R12.2.6. This workshop is a condensed version of TruTek’s hands-on, five-day R12.2.6 Technical Upgrade class. We’ll discuss two upgrade paths: the upgrade from to R12.2.6, and the upgrade from R12.1 to R12.2.6 will be staged at critical points on multiple servers.  We will review on linux servers: patches to apply, how to resolve issues we’ve encountered (in repeated first pass upgrades to R12.2 and R12.2 training classes), upgrade tuning and show in detail how to apply the necessary patches using the new R12.2 patch utility, AD Online Patching (ADOP). I will also discuss building forward cross edition triggers to create customizations that are fully ADOP compliant.

Objective 1: Learn the patches needed to upgrade to R12.2.6

Objective 2: Understand the upgrade paths to R12.2.6

Objective 3: Review a live demo of how to patch with Online Patching, ADOP, the new patching utility for R12.2.6