Session ID: 105450

Abstract: Learn how JDE can actively contribute to your megatrend journey. This is an eye opening presentation with details on how you can ensure that your JD Edwards is contributing to your strategy, and how your strategy is aligned with identified megatrends in IT.Social, Mobile, Cloud, IOT & big data are the currently identified megatrends, all of which are going to contribute to EVERYONE's bottom line in one way or another. Whether it's knowing your clients better, providing easier access to your ERP, deep analysis of statistics or removing failure points in process these trends are showing us ways of achieving more with less.

Objective 1: Educate the audience on how JD Edwards can actively contribute to an organisations megatrend compliance.

Objective 2: Show the audience innovative ways of using JD Edwards, whether that's mobile, IOT or cloud. Talk about real world examples of customers driving innovation with their ERP.

Objective 3: Megatrend compliance can improve the bottom line, and can improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Real world examples of all megatrends will be demonstrated, leaving the audience with a set of objectives for their organisations.

Audience: Technical/Functional