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Abstract: For project-centric companies, besides labor, equipment is likely your business' most valuable resource.Project managers are challenged in multiple ways related to equipment on a projectfrom making sure that the equipment is available and running efficiently to equipment billing to recoup as much costs as possible.Learn the many ways within Capital Asset Management you can ensure your equipment is ready and tuned including core features such as Conditioned Based Maintenance and Maintenance Work Orders. Learn about how new technology such as IoT gives project managers instant status of any changes related to key pieces of equipment on the job to help ensure projects stay on schedule.See how you can easily enter equipment time using web and mobile applications to make sure that you accurately record equipment use for timely billing and optimized cash flow.With these and other features, your organization can make full use of your equipment to ensure on-time, on-budget project delive

Objective 1: See how mobile time entry improves efficiency for project-centric companies.

Objective 2: See how Capital Asset Management improves equipment maintenance.

Audience: Technical/Functional