Session ID: 113200

Abstract: Small Businesses tend to have a small in-house IT staff that wears a lot of hats and has to be versed in many areas. Within the constraints of small budgets, we try to get the most out of what the company already owns by exploring the 'remote corners' of functionality, designing creative but non-invasive modifications, and sharing free tools that help us get ahead. Because 3rd party add-ons are not as prevalent, we tend to use many of the JDE modules and do much of the CNC, development and setup in-house. Outsourcing is used, but not usually as a first resort. Our small business SIG wants to help you make your company better and your job easier. We may all be from different industries but we all share similar problems as small businesses. All of us have tools and tricks we have discovered to help us creatively and inexpensively deal with problems. There is a lot of valuable knowledge and experience to be shared.

Objective 1: Introduce new and existing members to the value of sharing best practices with other IT professionals.

Objective 2: Share tips and trciks with other members so that you can maximize your efforts with the tools you have.

Audience: Technical/Functional