Session ID: 101910

Abstract: Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is one of the world's largest wine companies with 3,500+ employees representing 70 popular brands. Challenge: TWE acquired the wine division of Diageo Chateau & Estate. Distributors exclusively created SAP orders from a web e-commerce portal, additionally TWE customers wanted self-service ordering & inquiry. It was mandatory JDE e-commerce go-live coincided with JDE ERP go-live for the acquired business. Project Requirements: TWE requires customers to specify one of seven Branch Plant locations on their JDE sales orders. The project required an intelligent dynamic faceted search engine/server for distinct automatically created product catalogs (with advanced pricing) based on JDE branch plant. Dynamic product catalog generation / change had to occur with login and at any point during the user session. The aggressive Go-live project date was achieved. Satisfied customer with constructive suggestions for phase II. Business case metrics will be reviewed.

Objective 1: Detailed review of the powerful SOLR faceted search engine for dynamic catalog creation, guided navigation and intelligent search.

Objective 2: Live Demonstration of Treasury Wine Estates Customer Portal Reviewing other TWE requirements like Customer Managed Item Cross Reference Number (4104) and Same PO Number Alert.

Objective 3: Detailed overview of EASYCommerce Functionality / Technical Architecture and Integration Adapters

Audience: Technical/Functional