Session ID: 368


Originally introduced in Release, Database In-Memory (DBIM) offers the ability for analytic queries to sift through billions of rows at incredible speed because data is now retained in columnar format in the In-Memory Column Store (IMCS). Oracle Database 12cR2 dramatically expands the capabilities of DBIM, making it even simpler to implement, monitor, and manage while extending its reach to more complex execution plans, expanding its utility to Active Data Guard (ADG) instances, and enabling capture of frequently-evaluated expressions in the Expression Statistics Store (ESS).

Objective 1: The attendee will understand how to leverage IMCS's latest features to dramatically speed the execution of complex analytic queries against millions of rows.

Objective 2: The attendee will discover how to deploy IMCS against a physical standby database that's running Active Data Guard (ADG).

Objective 3: The attendee will learn how to leverage the latest version of SwingBench to generate a representative TPC-DS workload for equitable comparisons of application performance against an Oracle 12cR2 databases.

Audience: Mid-Level