Session ID: 10390

Abstract: Maritz, a sales and marketing services company completed an upgrade from EBS to EBS 12.2.5. The EBS system touches users across the Maritz organization. It processes and tracks all financial transactions for Maritz Holdings and its subsidiary business units. Thus, the team had to maintain a delicate balance of keeping the company functioning and of meeting Maritz client needs. All this, while undertaking the first upgrade in over a decade. Explore the upgrade through an executive’s perspective.

Objective 1: Discuss the planning and assessment phase and how the executive team decided to upgrade to EBS 12.2.

Objective 2: See how a high performing, cohesive team was formed in order to ensure project success.

Objective 3: See how Maritz maintained a delicate balance between operational and client needs during upgrade.

Objective 4: Discuss the change management strategy across the organization and its impact to the project.

Objective 5: Explore Maritz’ plan to leverage their new modern platform moving forward.

Audience: -All-