Session ID: 10387

Abstract: Discover how SOA Cloud Services was used to solve key integration challenges for an Oracle ERP Cloud customer. While ERP Cloud offers integration via CRUD web services/ FBDI batch jobs, Oracle SOACS provided the extensibility to address several key requirements including: converting customers from a D&B model to TCA model, automation of ESS Jobs, orchestration of FBDI for refunds, on-hand inventory transactions and advanced security measures such as encryption and digital signature for integration with the banks.

Objective 1: See how SOA Cloud Services was utilized to address key integration challenges in Oracle ERP Cloud.

Objective 2: Deep-dive into the SOA Cloud Services solution developed to meet this customer’s requirements.

Objective 3: Discuss the implementation challenges faced by the team and how they were resolved.

Objective 4: Highlight key lessons learned from this implementation.

Objective 5: Discover how this product can be further leveraged by the customer in the future.

Audience: Technical