Session ID: 10384

Abstract: Your data has a story to tell, and if told correctly, your data can predict the future. In this session we simplify the complex task of asset valuation with an intriguing tale using a technique that you can apply to any asset you wish to buy—be it your next car, boat, home, or airplane. We use a business aircraft as an example to perform asset valuation. You will learn how you can quickly and easily: scrape the data from a market website, use Oracle Data Visualization desktop to identify the price drivers of this market, and express a simple R statement that will predict the price of any asset in the market. One CPE credit will be granted per 50-minute onsite course hour.

Objective 1: Demonstrate a simple method to perform data mining by scraping data from an online marketplace.

Objective 2: Demonstrate the Oracle Data Visualization desktop and use it to identify price drivers within the mined data.

Objective 3: Produce a predictive model using the R language that expresses the current and future value of any asset in the market.

Audience: -All-