Session ID: 10383

Abstract: This session will explore the new multitenant architecture introduced in Oracle Database 12c and will demonstrate best practices for implementing and supporting simplified consolidation in your enterprise or in your private/public cloud deployment. The session will include live demonstrations and will provide step-by-step guidelines for various aspects of the multitenant architecture including creating and managing container and pluggable databases, plugging and unplugging databases, cloning a pluggable database and administering container and pluggable databases.

Objective 1: Learn about the new Oracle Database 12c Multitenant architecture to simplify your database consolidation

Objective 2: Learn how to create and administer the database container

Objective 3: Learn how to create and administer the pluggable database

Objective 4: Learn how to plug and unplug a pluggable database

Objective 5: Learn how to clone pluggable databases

Audience: -All-