Session ID: 10378

Abstract: The Order Management Cloud has been in the air for sometime now, however with the latest release 11 of the ERP Cloud, Oracle now has the complete suite of features in the cloud product, ready to meet the Order to Cash requirements of most types of industry, be it a startup technology services company or a complex engineer to order manufacturing firm. Presenting a playbook of the latest features in the release 11 and its comparison with its current day E-Business Suite counterpart.

Objective 1: Showcase the latest features and additions in the order management cloud release 11

Objective 2: Discuss the benefits and future enhancement scope in the order management cloud product space

Objective 3: Share feedback from early adapters, tips and tricks, implementation strategies and living with the upgrades

Objective 4: Help the users and businesses decide whether it is the right time to move to rder management cloud

Objective 5: Demonstrate a day in a life activities of an order management cloud user

Audience: -All-