Session ID: 10372

Abstract: As we see several customers bought OBI Analytic tool but not using or not implemented because several reasons like complexity to implement ETL/ELT tools, not able to use for real time reporting, customizations. Oracle delivered pre-built analytic dashboards with ODI but there is no pre-built content for transactional reports. So for creating transactional reports to connect oracle EBS database then there are several challenges in OBIEE. Join this session, where we will cover: Best practices and easy way to build transactional reports, Oracle security options, lessons learned and customer case studies. One CPE credit will be granted per 50-minute onsite course hour.

Objective 1: What is transactional reporting?

Objective 2: Difference between OLTP vs. OLAP and ETL vs. ELT?

Objective 3: Learn best practices and easy way to create transactional reports in OBIEE

Objective 4: Benefits of transactional reports content

Objective 5: Discuss about Oracle EBS security integration options

Audience: -All-