Session ID: 10371

Abstract: Data Relationship Management Dynamic Scripting greatly expands the power of derived properties but requires expanded programming concepts and skills to realize quality results. Built on industry standard JavaScript Dynamic Scripting provides a programmable object model for accessing Data Relationship Management features via object properties and methods. This presentation will detail the Dynamic Scripting Object Model and demonstrate programming techniques with real time results for derived property and validation coding. Also covers Dynamic Scripting in Data Relationship Governance. One CPE credit will be granted per 50-minute onsite course hour.

Objective 1: Identify important JavaScript construct useful when coding Data Relationship Management Dynamic Scripts

Objective 2: Explain the Dynamic Scripting Object Model including objects, properties and methods

Objective 3: Demonstrate examples of Dynamic Scripted properties and valdations

Objective 4: Discuss benefits of Dynamic Scripting over traditional formula based coding

Objective 5: Discuss operational and business benefits available from use of Dynamic Scripting and skills required to implement

Audience: Technical