Session ID: 10342

Abstract: Change is inevitable, yet it is so difficult to get people to embrace it. How do you help your most experienced users exploit advanced features of the new s/w? How do you subject powerful stake holders to the rigors of training. Aligning a large global user base, each having their own sets of priorities, to collaborate and make the most out of a new roll-out. Managing Culture Change and introducing new organizational paradigms (e.g., Lean, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Big Data). Addressing the concerns and harnessing the power of cloud applications.

Objective 1: Strategies to support end user adoption

Objective 2: Communication dilemmas for stakeholders during technology change initiatives

Objective 3: Change Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Transition Management

Objective 4: Lessons Learnt and Best Practices

Audience: Project Manager