Session ID: 10235

Abstract: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 introduces a number of new security features, enhancements, and changes. This session will examine each of these security features to describe the impact on your implementation and how you can best leverage each of them to provide for a more secure environment. With the move to Oracle WebLogic Server for the underlying E-Business Suite application server, new required process and methods for securing the application server layer of E-Business Suite will be discussed.

Objective 1: Understanding of new Oracle E-Business 12.2 security features

Objective 2: Describe the security features of the new installation, patching, and cloning in 12.2

Objective 3: Detail application and web security enhancements

Objective 4: Outline the security impact of the new Oracle WebLogic Server

Objective 5: Discuss securing the new application web services features in 12.2

Audience: -All-