Session ID: 10224

Abstract: If you are an organization that has trouble getting the AP & PO Reconciliation process to work, look no further. Charter Manufacturing runs both discrete and process organizations within the same legal entity. Through analytical processes and forms personalizations this account is no longer an accountant's worse nightmare. In this presentation you will get detailed information on how to trouble shoot issues, including stranded debits, supplier returns gone wrong. I will also provide detailed information on how to set up forms personalizations that make it virtually impossible to make wrong entrys! One CPE credit will be granted per 50-minute onsite course hour.

Objective 1: Provide Attendee's with detailed information on what situations happen to strand dollars in the AP & PO account.

Objective 2: Provide attendees detailed information on how to clear up stranded account amounts.

Objective 3: Provide attendees information on how to set up Oracle to make it impossible for buyer's to set up purchase orders wrong.

Objective 4: Provide attendees with a tried and proven analytical process to help them in the month end closing process.

Objective 5: Provide attendees with a resource who has lived through analyzing and cleaning up thousands of lines of data.

Audience: Functional / User