Session ID: 10219

Abstract: Our project moved EBS HR with 16,000 employees and 14 years of HR history to Oracle HCM cloud service. This case is a look at the technical challenges moving initial setup and history and the typical ongoing requirement to pass changes back and forth from EBS and HCM. Technology differences now require developers to learn new skills to efficiently and reliably move data to support a new HCM service. This is primarily a technical presentation for developers that support HCM implementations.

Objective 1: Overview of moving from EBS HR to HCM cloud service and the project tasks needed to support the move.

Objective 2: Review specific extracts that you must develop as they are not provided to Oracle customers.

Objective 3: The technology differences that force your interfaces to pass through a dedicated server and not direct to the apps.

Objective 4: Explain two typical ongoing interfaces, one for approvals and one for incentive compensation.

Objective 5: Lessons learned and tips that developers can use to reduced the risks on a HCM cloud project with history.

Audience: Developer