Session ID: 10211

Abstract: This session will give you insights into the concepts, and approach to enable your on premise BI solution in Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) in a hybrid architecture Using Oracle Remote Data Connector (RDC) you can keep your database on premise by making a secured connection to your on premise database from Oracle BICS. Your entire OBIEE RPD and web catalog can also be lifted and shifted to BICS to give you full access to your OBIEE environment in BICS. In this session you will learn from our experience in enabling this architecture.

Objective 1: Hybrid architecture to leverage BICS’s Data Visualization (DV) functionality for self-service data discovery.

Objective 2: Users can learn how to configure Oracle RDC to access on-premise Database from Oracle Cloud

Objective 3: Learn how to lift and shift RPD and Catalog into Oracle BI Cloud

Objective 4: Learn current limitations and challenges faced by Sunrun team

Audience: Project Manager