Session ID: 10185

Abstract: Learn how to provide exceptional Siebel experiences using modern web design methods. See the process for cutting-edge design and development of user-focused Siebel interactions at two large customers. Learn how a creative design approach resolves many long-standing usability complaints while resetting user perception. You will see Siebel interface designs that challenge all preconceived notions of Siebel – and learn how to leverage the concepts in your pursuit of IT modernization.

Objective 1: Educate participants about the full extensibility of the Siebel Siebel user interface in a web-focused world.

Objective 2: Present an innovative design approach to enterprise application usability and design.

Objective 3: Showcase the level of user-focused design that is available within your current Siebel investment.

Objective 4: Challenge the perception of Siebel as an 'old' CRM with a 'get-what-you-get' interface.

Objective 5: Start participants on the path of utilizing modern web design approaches within their enterprise applications.

Audience: -All-