Session ID: 10180

Abstract: Creating a cloned non-production instance of the Oracle E-Business Suite is well-documented, but the options for copying database and application top files can be time consuming. Both NetApp and Oracle ZFS filesystems allow file shares to have snapshots taken against them that can be used to create thin clones. When combined with Oracle Data Guard, snapshot clones can reduce the time to produce an EBS non-production instance to a few hours and consume a fraction of the space of a full sized tar copy. This case study will illustrate how snap clones improve the cloning process.

Objective 1: Demonstrate the use of snap clones as part of the EBS cloning strategy

Objective 2: Show setup of Data Guard from an Exadata RAC instance to single instance on NFS mounted shares

Objective 3: Show steps to produce snap clones from NetApp and ZFS storage consoles

Audience: DBA