Session ID: 10148

Abstract: A business continuity plan is a plan to continue operations if a place of business is affected by different levels of disaster which can be localized short term disasters, to days long datacenter wide problems, to a permanent loss of a datacenter. Applications like EBusiness suite availability is vital for enterprises running their business operations. Join this session to plan your implementations or upgrades by understanding the resilient architectures, optimizations for deploying DR solution for EBusiness suite 12.2 from the best practices of Oracle MAA and latest techstack developments.

Objective 1: Discuss that DR planning is essential for meeting business SLAs, and how do you plan the approach with key features in 12.2

Objective 2: Provide best practices with the options available for e-business suite and database for deploying in HA architecture

Objective 3: High level technical explanations of role transitions for the e-business suite disaster recovery instances

Audience: -All-