Session ID: 10116

Abstract: Learn how to get your E-Business Suite 12.2.6 environment up and running with the latest certified technology upgrades including Oracle Database 12c, Fusion Middleware and latest patches in no time. We will be covering various installation and architecture requirements, database upgrade paths and online patching techniques in order to achieve the successful implementation in the best and quickest possible way. Presenter will share his experiences on the subject from real world customer scenarios allowing attendees to utilise same practise in their environments.

Objective 1: Describe E-Business Suite R12.2 architectural requirements and effective installation preparation techniques

Objective 2: Teach and demonstrate the most efficient ways of E-Business Suite R12.2.6 installation and configuration

Objective 3: Provide list of patches and documentation references for uplifting technology components to latest versions

Objective 4: Provide techniques for better patch management in E-Business Suite R12.2.6

Objective 5: Provide new administration and management features within E-Business Suite R12.2.6

Audience: -All-